Monthly Archives: July 2014

Integrity showcases innovative products to the Security Fencing Market.

Integrity Products achieves headline status in the June edition of Perimeter Systems Magazine. The publication has a large circulation to companies in involved in all aspects of perimeter protection including fences, gates, barriers and associated support industries. The article itself gives a brief history of Integrity and explains the ethos behind the company, particularly with […]

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IP5-2 Permanent Security Screw Raises The Bar

Never before has a one-way security screw had a bespoke drive bit ensuring close fitting engagement thus significantly reducing installation problems such as ‘cam-out’ where the drive spins before appropriate tightening is achieved and can lead not just to a loose joint but damage to the surface coating thus accelerating corrosion.   Available stock, which […]

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IP4-1 Two-way Security Screw gets great market reaction

The IP4-1 receives very positive reaction from customers across all fields of industry. The innovative design together with much increased levels of security makes a refreshing change to a ¬†market place which has been devoid of new product for years. Customers can now install a vast array of product without the fear of vandal attack,the […]

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