The Integrity Products Ltd. takes your privacy seriously. Personal and business information is only retained and used to administer business accounts and to provide the products,information and services that have been requested from us.

However, if you allow us then from time to time we may contact you with changes and improvements in the products and service that we provide. If you do not consent to us contacting you for this purpose or you would prefer not to be contacted via certain media then either contact or alternatively phone us on the main number.

In order to comply with GDPR rules and regulations please be advised that Integrity Products not part of a group and does not have any associated or partner companies  and therefore we will not pass your personal or business details onto other organisations without your express permission.

Integrity Products Ltd. does not participate in any unsolicited direct marketing.

Integrity Products Ltd. will take every care to protect the data we hold  (email address, name and telephone number) and to uphold strict and strong security measures to help prevent data breaches.